annie said

Annie said one of those marvelous things tonight that made me think, simultaneously, “Oh, amazing, write this down!!” and, “No one else would find this remarkable, and neither will you looking back, when she’s speaking in paragraphs and smarter than you are.”

This happens all the time. Both are true. And then the evening swept on, and I don’t remember it anyway.


ma balls

Mom moment: While I change Paul’s diaper, he merrily bangs a couple of plastic balls together in his hands—he endures such episodes with more equanimity when he has a toy to play with. As I swab poop off his testicles, he calls out, “Oh, ma balls!”

Addendum: this morning, Annie asks me, “Does Paul want to come upstairs with me?” And I find myself responding, “No, it looks like he wants to play with his balls.”



Just remembered that once upon a time it was fun to go out dancing, and realized the next time we’ll do it is probably when one of Annie’s friends gets married.



I had my first “why” conversation with Annie on the way home from school this week—where the question to every “well, because” answer I offered was “why?” all the way back the causal chain to the very fact of her existence. In about a minute I’d gone from explaining, I don’t know, why firetrucks are red or something, to articulating our rationale for having children at all to the toddlers in the backseat. This is going to be a fun phase.