twelve years

We took our anniversary photo, of course. Paul is not wearing pants because he just soiled his previous pair, and who has the energy. Annie may be majority-Klingner, but there’s definitely a pinch of Bill Hall in there. (Or did he just smile like a 4-year-old?) Anyway, she’s my favorite thing about this one.


We realized we had a full complement of bridesmaids for the first time at Pig Roast this year, so snapped a few reunion shots. Thank goodness we haven’t aged a day.

00000IMG_00000_BURST20190526184013156_COVER IMG_1451-xx IMG_20190526_184202

Neither have the guys.

IMG_20190526_184246 groomsmen


Our marriage turns 5 this weekend, and the actual date falls on Memorial Day again. I remember the feeling of this Saturday morning 5 years ago. Everything was finally arranged and ready for 48 hours of events, but nothing had quite started yet. We were sitting in our apartment, feeling the calm before the storm. A good kind of storm. A confetti storm.

Yeah, this weekend Bryan is doomed to a lot of “Remember 5 years ago, when…”

wedding pictures…57 months later

A step in the process of putting together that long-overdue wedding album was sifting through the 1800 photos from the event and whittling things down. Matt’s excellent photography made this extra-challenging, but we ended up with a solid collection in the 200 ballpark. In addition to printing them, I’ve finally populated our gallery album that’s been sitting empty since 2007. I also filled in some holes in the album covering associated wedding events, like that ridiculous bachelor/bachelorette party. It’s fun to page through, especially if you were there and haven’t seen any pictures because we’ve been holding them hostage.

Here’s a shot I like of Bryan, before the ceremony.
Bryan smiling
To the best of my recollection, he was also smiling afterward.

it’s finally happening

While everyone else I know has been engaged in a flurry of wedding attendance for at least a few years, in my adult life I had only attended one–my little sister’s, hi Cam!–before my own. But now I’m finally joining the party(ies); I’ll be slurring toasts and stepping on feet five times in the next year. Six if you fudge a little and count my uncle’s wedding a few weeks ago. So thanks to all of you for finally settling down.

who’s married?

Apparently, the wedding is far enough behind us now that we’re starting to forget we got married. We’ve caught ourselves referring to each other as “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” more than once in the past week.

married and whatnot

Well hello there! Apologies for the fairly long absence, but if you’re reading this you were probably invited to the wedding, so you already know where I’ve been. Which is great because I definitely don’t have the energy to crank out some enormous post about the last two weeks. Suffice to say, I graduated,


did some manic last-minute wedding preparations,

wedding prep

and got married.

wedding ceremony

(Oh yeah, and went to Bay to Breakers, with Mom and Dad.)

M&D at BtoB

The pictures from graduation and Bay to Breakers are online. I’m still in the process of stealing wedding photos from my friends as they post them.

Now we’re taking our apartment apart and putting it back together before we leave for Germany in a week. There’s something very satisfying about reorganizing and rethinking all the makeshift solutions that we’ve come up with over the last two years. Today we did the kitchen. As Bryan said, no one will appreciate our brilliance, but we’re fairly convinced that we have the most functional and beautiful kitchen in the apartment building, and possibly the world.

We’re also married, which frankly rocks.

sweet god

The wedding gifts have begun to roll in, oh god yes they have. It’s like a nuclear blast of gift-giving. After living for a year with exactly three bowls, Bryan and I now look like we’re about to open a restaurant. (Fortunately, we can be counted on to clear cabinet space at a rate of 2 broken plates per month.)

At the moment, the kitchen is hip-deep in packing material. Is anyone moving? And need a lot of boxes?

Next year: more dinner parties! Now if only we had a table to eat on…