better than nothing

Our two Texas senators were speaking on campus today, so we joined a few dozen others to be publicly obnoxious about the latest attempt at healthcare repeal. Paul wore his tie-dye in a nod to the 60s, and Annie got pretty into holding this sign. (Thank you, Klingners, for joining us!)

always give

Pope Francis issued some practical moral guidance a few months ago that has stuck with me. When confronted with a panhandler, give. Always give.

Also, touch their hand and look them in the eye and recognize their humanity.

Since reading this, I have done none of it. But I think about it, and I appreciate that there is a moral authority offering me this sort of relevant, day-to-day guidance, and then I look sideways at myself, like, really? You’re listening to the Pope now?

Desperate times.

thanks, Obama

Inauguration day and it’s still surreal, but one thing I know I’m feeling is grief for 8 years with a President I respected and admired. My favorite political blogger rounded up some of his major accomplishments, and current events inspire fresh appreciation for the dignified and reasonable way he operated. Obama made me proud to be an American.



This morning I’ve felt like a disaster survivor, leaving the shelter to find a world I don’t recognize, and grateful that my children are too young to ask me why this happened.

This article arrived in my work inbox today, written before the election but still relevant.

“This election is testing my capacity to trust in basic goodness. I’m not alone in this struggle. It seems as though everyone I talk to has a story about a low point in this election cycle. Many of them are feeling moral distress—that potent combination of moral outrage, worrying about harm that may be done, and feeling powerless to do anything about it. … For your mental health, you need to restore some balance. One antidote to moral distress is moral elevation: witnessing the good in others.”

It goes on to recommend StoryCorps Who We Are series. I agree: let’s all listen to an uplifting story and do something nice for a stranger today.