over it

20160511_133806   IMG_20200222_130556

I feel like this is one of those “extend the pattern” games, and all that’s missing is a shot from age 13. Hopefully we’ll be done with the thumb-sucking by then.

twelve years

We took our anniversary photo, of course. Paul is not wearing pants because he just soiled his previous pair, and who has the energy. Annie may be majority-Klingner, but there’s definitely a pinch of Bill Hall in there. (Or did he just smile like a 4-year-old?) Anyway, she’s my favorite thing about this one.


We realized we had a full complement of bridesmaids for the first time at Pig Roast this year, so snapped a few reunion shots. Thank goodness we haven’t aged a day.

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Neither have the guys.

IMG_20190526_184246 groomsmen