all growed up

at the dinner table

Paul: I’m a grown-up.
Bryan: You look like a kid.
Paul: No, I growed up.
Leslie: You growed up at school today?
Paul: Yes, I DID growed up.
Annie: Paul, you’re very very little.
Paul: No, I’m VERY VERY BIG. SEE? My legs are SO LONG.

bedtime, the next generation

Bryan and I spent a lot of time and care with the kids tonight, executing the bedtime routine with precision and hanging around to chat and cuddle, to make sure they were comfortable in their big-kid beds and—most importantly—not going to pop right out of them the moment we closed the door.

Looking up at it, Annie told me how much she liked the big yellow A that hangs over her bed, and I told her I remembered getting it.

“It was before you were born, but I knew we wanted to name you ‘Annie.'”

She cupped my face in her hands and confided, “I wanted to name you ‘Mom.’ … Who named you ‘Mom?'”

“You did.”

jingle bells

With studious practice, Annie’s knowledge of the lyrics has improved.

2017: Jingle bells, jingle bells, ALL the way. (repeat)

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way.
How much fun it is tonight
With our sleighed-on friends and say, HEY!

They dance, too. (Annie: Is this how ballerinas dance? Paul: I’m a ballerino!)