sous the clean-up crew

Not only does she clean the floor of edible debris discarded by babies, Sous motivates us to clear the dinner table as soon as we leave it. Because if we don’t, she will eat: the leftover food off our plates, the rest of the pizza out of the box, the little cup of grated parmesan, and some cardboard.

Thanks, Sous! :D



Overheard at 7:23am, as I get out of the shower:

  1. Our dog trying to walk down the stairs, missing a step, and having a minor crash. (This happens 30% of the time now. She’s getting older.)
  2. Three seconds later: our baby waking up with a plaintive cry.
  3. Three seconds later: our baby comforting herself in her crib with kissing noises. (mmmmmAH, mmmmmAH)