a day in your life

To Annie: this is how you spent the day you turned 8 years and 4 months old.

It is Thursday, your fourth day this week of no school, no camp, just you at home, making your own day. We dabbled in this earlier in the summer, and you did great, so here we are making a week of it. You’re still doing great. Last time I signed you up for some online classes, and I’d planned to get you back into the one you most enjoyed…but I didn’t. “When is my one and only camp?” you ask me this morning. Oops. Is it okay that I forgot to sign you up? “Oh yeah.”

Unusually, Paul is home too today, skipping half-day soccer camp because his friend Jaden won’t be there. You take him under your wing and play at home all morning while Dad and I work. I think you’re at Hogwarts for a time? There are also cars. Anyway, all going well.

Babysitter Jade comes at noon, to be a playmate/gentle supervisor. I come down in the early afternoon and find you all sitting around the breakfast nook, reading quietly to yourselves. It’s the Wings of Fire graphic novels for you, still going strong after six weeks. I think you like to read things until you have them memorized. Your reading skills have leveled up quite a bit.

The only outdoor activity that makes any sense in the 105-degree heat is swimming. The three of you decide to ride your bikes to Big Stacy pool. It’s a quick trip—you have to get to the orthodontist. (All of this sounds very big-kid to me as I type it.) Dad takes you and will later declare you “a trooper.” You have impressions made for a more serious thumb-sucking deterrent. (Okay, still some little kid in there.) It’s uncomfortable, but you cooperate with everything and leave with new colored bands on your ever-straighter teeth.

Jade stays with you through the evening, playing, chatting, and reading, while we go out for dinner. That’s it, kiddo! Another day down.

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