a day in your life

To Paul, this is how you spent the day you turned three and a half.

You get up at 6:30 am when thunder scares you. You and Annie run into our room, and I invite you to climb into the bed. You lean against me and watch the lightning out the window. You asked to see the “rain-yard” (radar) and I pull it up on my phone. When the storm passes I shoo you back to your bedroom, but you are very awake, so I tell you it’s okay to start on your lists if you want to and I’ll start on mine. Annie says, “I think we should play,” and that’s what you actually do.


At 7:00 you are running around to the upstairs while I make coffee. I come up and invite you to start getting ready. You deign to brush your teeth. You have put shorts on over your PJs, and I coax you into your fox sweater. Good enough. We head downstairs for a breakfast of mango chewies and banana bread. Dad is in Colorado and I have not showered—see 6:30 am thunderstorm—so I tell you and Annie you get to play while I get myself ready. You get your scissors from the cabinet and cut a piece of construction paper into tiny shards.

While I get dressed you play hide and seek. I count to 10 while you hide in the laundry basket. “I’m hiding here,” you tell me as you crawl in. I find you immediately. We do this a few times. You and Annie head downstairs to play with fire trucks while I brush my teeth. I grab the vitamins and you carry your shoes out to the car, walking barefoot in the freezing rain on principle.


In the car on the way to school, we listen to an episode of Story Pirates, a podcast involving theatrical renditions of stories submitted by children. This one, “My Family Are Tigers,” is a favorite. Then Annie tells us a long story about Laura the Giganotosaurus, and has me repeat every line after her. You ask what road signs say, and I tell you.

At school you ask me to help you put your shoes on before you get out of the car. Great choice, I tell you. We had inside and drop Annie in the All Stars before heading to the Owls. There you invite me to many hugs and to fetch you a paper towel for your breakfast. Silas is there already so you are pretty ready to join him at the breakfast table.


I’m not sure what you get up to at school, but Charly tells me when she picks you up, you are covered in mud head to toe. You ask her to take you to the treat store, but she declines due to poor listening exhibited during the last visit. And you say, “Maybe we next time we can go because we’ll be good tonight.” Your negotiation skills are coming right along.

She ask you to rinse off the layers of sand while she makes dinner. You eat and head upstairs for a bath. Once your PJs are on, she asks you to go downstairs and clean up your toys and you do. She says you made everything easy tonight. When I get home at 8:30 you are sound asleep. Today you are three and a half.


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