a chicken, a pig, a wolf, and a dinosaur

I was telling the kids a real, true story at bedtime tonight, about their father’s journey to California. It was 100% factually accurate until they populated his plane with characters from the Pete the Cat TV show we watched during rainy-day screen time this morning. Since the rest of the passengers were animals, everyone had to be one, and, oh yeah, our family was on board, too.

“What animal am I?” I asked, hoping for something badass.

“A dinosaur,” Annie offered. “A wolf!” Paul said.

Dinosaur-wolf—I’ll take it, said I.

“What’s Dad?”

“A pig!” said Annie. We did just read Mercy Watson¬†again.¬†“A big, BIG wolf,” said Paul. Cool.

“What animal are you, Paul?”

“A little wolf.” Natch.

“How about you, Annie?”

“A chicken!”

Yep. So there we are.

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