hide and seek with Annie

Here are your instructions.

  1. Count to 10 while Annie hides in the closet with Mom. When you get to 10, pretend to look for her, until she gets so excited she runs out of the closet squealing.
  2. Now it’s your turn to hide. Hide anywhere while Annie stays in the closet and counts to 10 with Mom. And by “anywhere,” I mean, “somewhere in her immediate field of vision,” or she may never find you.
  3. Annie’s turn again. You sit in the closet and count to 10 while she hides, except when you get to 9, she’s so excited she just runs into the closet.
  4. Try again. Count to 10 while Annie—no, there she is at 5. Squeeee!
  5. Try again. Count to 10 while Mom tells Annie to go hide in her bathroom. Start looking. When you’re about to open┬áthe door to her room, she flings it open, and squeals.

It’s actually a really fun game.

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