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To Paul: this is how you spent the day you turned 2 months old.

Four hours after grudgingly agreeing to sleep, you wake at 1:30am for a first meal. Your Dad does transport and diaper changes; I provide the grub. You slip peacefully back to sleep after 20-30 minutes, and so do we. We see you again at about 4:45 for another meal, and eek out another hour or so of sleep after that. You wake for the day at 7:45, protesting loudly from your bassinet in the closet, where you’re cocooned in our sound-dampening clothes and comforting scents for the nights.

Halfway through your meal.
Here you are halfway through a meal. When I straighten you up to switch sides, you simultaneously growl-belch and poop. You are kind of disgusting.

I feed you your third breakfast in the armchair in the corner of our bedroom. Everyone visits: your sister climbs onto a footstool to pet your head; Sous stops by to give your face a quick swipe with her tongue, and Dad checks in to make sure we’ve got everything we need. After he and Annie leave for school, you and I coo at each other, wander around the house doing a few chores, and bounce along to Creedence Clearwater and the White Stripes. At 9, you’re in your swing, zipped up in your swaddle sack with a fresh diaper, and falling asleep.

After an unconscionably short nap (30 minutes), you pry your eyes open. I cower in the corner of the room, stuffing pads into your cloth diapers and hoping you’ll drift off again. When you don’t, I get you up and feed you breakfast #4 at 10, now to the tune of Charles Mingus and Willy Nelson. Our housecleaner Alicia arrives about half an hour later, so I take you out for a walk in hopes that you’ll nap again in the carrier. You do.

You are the pink lump.
You are the pink lump with the tiny toes.

At 11:45 I hand off your care to nanny Charly. She gives you a lunch bottle and hangs out with you for an hour. When it’s time for you to sleep again, she puts you back into your swing, and you nap peacefully in a dark room until a loud noise (Sous?) wakes you at 4. I change your diaper and feed you dinner #1 while entertaining you with tidbits about the presidential election (Hillary Clinton now has an 88% chance of winning, thank the stars).

hanging out in my lap
smiling in my lap

Annie gets home and immediately wants to visit you, so she and Charly join us on the bed for cuddles and romping. Then Charly hangs onto you for a bit while the rest of us work on dinner.

Charly and Paul
Charly shows off your chunks. You weighed in at 12 lbs 10 oz at your 2-month check up, a bit above average. Your head is still in the 96th percentile.

At 5:15 Dad takes you upstairs to start another nap, and you scream bloody murder at him for 15 minutes before nodding off. You wake up in time to say goodnight to your sister. Then you (surprise!) eat, and you and I hang out on the bed, cuddling and smiling, mainly. A few minutes after 8, you’re drifting off to dinner #3, so I set you up in your closet palace and rock the bassinet for 10 minutes until you’ve stopped squirming. Alas, you are not asleep, so Dad tags in and heads off fussing with 30 more minutes of rocking. At 8:45, we call it.

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