I’m re-reading Operating Instructions: A Journal of My Son’s First Year, which I first picked up while pregnant with Annie and was among the inspirations for my baby record-keeping/this blog. This bit rang true:

“Sam is learning to drink from a cup, but it is not going very well. Mostly he plunges his hand into glasses of water or juice, as if he has just had a sudden bout of Infant Hot Hand, as if steam will rise. He sloshes his hand around in the cup until the pain passes, and then ever so often takes a tiny sip before plunging his hand back in. Then he hands the cup to you, and you are expected to take a sip, and it is clear by the look in his eyes that it will be a major emotional setback for him if you don’t.”
— Anne Lamott, Operating Instructions

Right at this moment, one of Annie’s favorite mealtime games is to hand you a piece of food (“DANT-oo!” when you take it), and then have you hold it in your palm while she eats it out of your hand.

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