I pumped my first bottle of breastmilk this morning, with my snazzy Medela “Pump In Style” Advanced Breastpump, featuring the Original 2-Phase Expression Technology and classy Metrobag tote. We also purchased an accessory corset-like device that allows hands-free, dual-action pumping.

It is so clearly a milking machine.

Me this morning, basically. [Cow Milking Demonstration by Judy Baxter, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0]
Me this morning, basically.
I have some complicated mixed feelings about my new role as dairy animal, which the pumping exacerbates. But in about 7 minutes I produced the 3.5 ounces that will let me go out for a haircut or a beer. The price of freedom.

[Photo isĀ Cow Milking Demonstration by Judy Baxter, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0]

3 thoughts on “moo

  1. If you hear the cry of ANY baby while you’re out, the milk will begin to flow. Take some pads. You probably know this already.
    I love your blog and you.

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