fall events and pictures to prove them

I’d fallen far behind on editing and posting photos from the fall, and they weren’t all just pictures of our dinner plates. I managed to rectify this last week, but a cold took me down before I could lavish the same love on poor little Lulu. Today is the day, though, to record such momentous events as:

My first visit back to California, oh so lovely.

Heather and Elliot at Dolores Park

Sundry outings, like the Bats and Beers cruise, a visit to the ranch, watching election results at the Drafthouse, etc etc.

bats over the lake

Celebrating Cameron’s 30th birthday.

pinata carnage
(The piƱata was inspired by similar fun at Bianca’s last celebration.)

And last but not least, hosting Thanksgiving!

(With special guests Clare and Andrew!)

It’s been quite a season.

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