on sabbatical

I’ve been letting my perfectionist tendencies—usually well-suppressed—prevent me from posting anything since I quit my job five weeks ago. I’d decided I was going to blog thoughtfully about all my activities and needed to start with the BEST MOST PERFECT introductory post about WHY and HOW and where all this was leading. But one of today’s to-do-list items was posting something, so I’m shaking off the perfectionist paralysis. In short:

1. We are moving to Austin sometime July–September. For real this time. I’m serious.
2. In preparation for this fact, and for some other reasons, I quit my job of 4.5 years, effective end-of-January. Bryan has his own professional plan I will leave to him to report. I do expect to go back to work once we get to Austin, but that’s about as specific as my plans get. (In the meantime, I’m doing a little consulting work on just one of my previous projects.)
3. I have a list of projects to undertake in the interim and a frankly psychotic level of organization schemes (lists, calendars, and documentation routines) to keep me sane and on-track. It’s the first time I haven’t had a job or been in school—or both—since, to the best of my recollection, the summer after my freshman year of college. I decided a little structure was in order to rehabilitate my internal motivation.
4. It’s taken me a few weeks to hit my stride, but at this point funemployment is treating me very well.

I have posted some new pictures in our gallery that capture things pretty well, but to sum up, I have been spending my time in the following ways:

Adventuring with Sous in beautiful places.
sous and golden gate
(Here we were at Crissy Field with Heather and baby Elliott. Yay for maternity leave!)

Cooking. A whole lot of cooking.
(paella mixta)

Hanging out with friends and family (also in beautiful places).
dad in the snow
(Here’s Dad on the slopes at Squaw Valley. They got 14 inches of snow that day.)

Getting to work on my implausibly long list of projects.
wedding album
(pages from our wedding album, only 5 years later)

Now that the ice is broken, I hope to post more regularly about these and other Very Important activities. It’s on my to-do list, so I may even follow through.

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