operation reupholstery

As most of you know, I typically have 5-8 half-completed projects rattling around the house at any given moment. Sometimes these require seasoning time, like the quilt I almost finished during my sophomore year of college, carried dutifully through five subsequent moves, and finally sewed the edge on earlier this year (total project time: 1 decade). This chair only had to sit in our tool shed for two years, while I occasionally took a pair of pliers to its ragged old upholstery, before it was promoted to the top of my project-agenda and finally got done.

Unfortunately I did not take a picture of it with its original, extremely well-attached, orange and green velveteen upholstery, nor the pile of rusty old nails and chunks of ancient, musty-smelling stuffing I extracted. But here it is after I finished cleaning it up and allowed it indoors:

scraped chair

And in progress:
painted chair

Sous helping

And done:
finished chair

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