Big news, people. As you may know, Bryan and I have been deliberating for months about whether to adopt a dog. We’re finally taking the plunge. Here she is:


She’s one of a litter of 12, a virtually unidentifiable mix of breeds (we guess a little shepherd, and some kind of hound?). At the moment they’re being fostered together in a home down in Mountain View, where we visited her on Saturday. When we climbed into the pen, she trotted right over and presented me with her belly. Later she fell asleep with her face in a shoe.

puppy with shoe

Try not to love that.

We get to meet her again this weekend, as well as the people who are adopting the rest of the litter. And we’ll bring her home the night of the 18th. Suggestions on names are welcome. Bryan has already vetoed Euphegenia.


9 thoughts on “expecting

  1. I vote for some obscure shoe term…Aglet? (the plastic tip on a shoelace) Also, just to warn you, I’ll be forcing Matt to come visit you guys on a weekly basis as soon as he’s back in the States.

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