in which life is dull and beautiful

Oh, hello.

Er, what’s up?

I have, as you may have noticed, been on one of my periodic blog vacations, wherein I realize that I haven’t posted anything in two weeks, think, “Damn, I should post something;” then another week goes by, at which point so much has happened that the task of blogging seems unmanageable. Another week passes in this state. I manage to forget most of the things I wanted to write about, thus the task becomes less daunting. I return. This is just one of the ways in which I punish my readership (all six of you), so that you gradually stop even checking poor Lulu.

We returned from Germany one month ago tomorrow. Since we’ve been back, many things have happened. Fortunately, other people have written about them so I don’t have to. See Clare for our camping adventure; Cameron for family updates; and Bryan on the exciting task of managing our newly-merged finances.

I am two weeks into my new job, which is good. Good to be back at work, good to be set up in a cute little office with a damn fine view, good to almost have a paycheck and health insurance, good to have new things to look forward to. I’m working at a place I recently read described as “a leading education research consulting firm,” doing things like interviews and observations and developing surveys and analyzing things and writing other things and whatnot. Basically stuff I’m good at, and trained to do. That’s kind of a novelty in my work history; I have a pretty good feeling about it.

In general, I’m just trying to see how my life fits together right now. When do I wake up, go to bed, work, eat, spend time with friends, exercise, cook, relax? How often to I visit the city, or the south bay? Do I still need my car? Should we get a dog?

It’s these pedestrian concerns that are filling my life right now. I’m pretty happy.

One thought on “in which life is dull and beautiful

  1. If you get a puppy, you’ll become Amanda’s new best friend. She’ll visit you all the time, I bet, and might even bring me along once or twice.

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