job, CHECK

Last week, we finally checked two of our four major To Do list items of the list: we signed a rental contract in Berlin (completing all arrangements for the summer), and I accepted a job with a nearby education firm (that shall remain nameless so I can talk about it here without becoming a hit for googlers).


It is such a relief to have a job I’m excited about lined up for the fall. I took a break from writing yesterday to walk around in the beautiful day. Sitting under a tree, looking up at the sky, I found myself totally relaxed and my mind empty. There’s still a lot to do this month—finishing this thesis, working on The Wedding. But now that we know where we’ll be and what we’ll be doing, the stress is gone.

This does mean, city-dwellers, that we will not be joining you in the fall. My future office is a ten minute walk from our current apartment, and I can’t give up that kind of commute even for the lure of San Francisco. But we do love where we live. Maybe next year, when it’s Bryan’s turn for the job searching, it will be time to make a move.

4 thoughts on “job, CHECK

  1. congratulations!! things are falling into place for you both. that’s so wonderful – what a life you lead!

  2. so happy for you!!!! i so wish i could come to visit you both in germany. and awesome that you are working in berkeley. yippee!

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