black kids CAN read

It’s easy to think that social science fields (like say, education research) have not advanced in the last 30 years in the same way that more technical fields (like say, computer science) have. I mean, we certainly don’t seem to be doing a much better job of actually educating people.

But every once in a while (like say, now, while I’m still writing this damn thesis), I’ll stumble across something that makes me think otherwise. This report was cited in one of the articles I read recently:

Weber, G. (1971). Inner city children can be taught to read (Occassional Paper No. 18).

Revelation! I guess we have learned something since the 70s.

2 thoughts on “black kids CAN read

  1. don’t forget removing homosexuality from the sexual disorders list in the DSM. i’d call that a pretty big step for the social sciences, too. now if only we could start publishing null results, all would be right with the world.

  2. The article is a fantastic citing although as a whole for your post I respectfully disagree.
    Social science, which is an enormously broad field of study, has undoubtedly and irrefutably progressed by bounds over the past thirty years. Sadly however for those who have devoted their lives to the field as well as those who are subjects of their studies and victims of social intolerance and/or shame, it has not been afforded the same attention today’s consumer market dotes on the advances of computer science.
    In education; the west coast was woefully silent when their arguments for multilingual public education programs were completely and utterly checked by lengthy studies which proved, by inarguable margins, that immigrant students required to learn in English speaking classrooms assimilated more knowledge and were more than three times likely to participate in continuing education. Nair a media hungry protester for the multilingual class rooms raised their voice to suggest mandatory foreign language for the duration of primary schooling. A sad (and even more sadly mute) point.
    Psycho-physiologically; disorders like Asperger syndrome (the idea of doctor Asperger formulated over 20 years ago and until recently discounted) have become accepted, are being further studied and treated correcting prior pharmaceutically coerced misdiagnosis.
    It’s all about us; we’re just not seeing it on pod casts or on the cover of Maxim, G.Q. or Cosmo.
    Society stinted? That I can buy. The science of its ever changing inner workings? In desperate need of a new P.R. agent.
    Other wise, lovely blog. Best of luck with your friends hair.

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