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I was already familiar with the paper we were discussing in my education reform law class (this one), so I spent the time making a long list of things I’d meant to write about but hadn’t. 2007’s not been a great year for the self-indulgent internet posting. But I intend to catch up over the next few days. The first installment: quick updates of the spring’s major themes.

1. The APA*/work – School and work overlap almost completely this semester, which is great to the extent it means I earn $20+/hour for school work, but lousy in that it cuts my total workload in half. And having a light workload itself is great since it allows me to plan a wedding, hunt for a post-graduation job, and keep up with Grey’s Anatomy, but lousy in that I have trouble motivating myself without the urgency of deadlines and the feeling of being in over my head. So, the APA is inching along. Meanwhile, the office where I’ve been working since June (and that’s hosting my APA) is going through one of its annual crumbling cycles, wherein the bulk of the staff is fired or quits in disgust. I’m still enjoying my little corner of the work, but I am trying not to get caught up in the implosion and am VERY ready to work in an environment that’s a little less toxic and insane.

* Remember? Basically my thesis.

2. The Wedding – Holy shit, we’re getting married in 3 months. Fortunately, things are chugging along, and I don’t think we’ve forgotten any major elements. My mom came out for four days last week, so we could exchange craft projects (invitations, flowers), shop for decorative elements (vases, picture frames, fabric), and do a first fitting with the actual dress (eeeeeeeeeee). I also had a long talk with the officiant a couple of days ago to begin brainstorming about what on earth to do for the ceremony. Bryan and Dad have purchased their wedding suits, in which they look very dashing, and almost all the bridesmaids have chosen their dresses, in which I’m sure they’ll look like beautiful flowers.

3. Miscellaneous – I finally got a library card, so I’ve been keeping myself up late and neglecting all kinds of chores in favor of exciting new books. We’ve cooked several “keeper” recipes, including braised short ribs and coq au vin. I unloaded a month’s worth of photos from our camera, in the process discovering that several people took pictures with it at a very drunken gathering at our place. And Bryan and I are only six lessons away (which means we’ve done 84) from finishing our “Essential German” tapes! Hurrah! Next we’re doing to listen to international newscasts, designed for German beginners. Oh yeah, and on Monday I entered my late mid-twenties, celebrated variously with three remarkable meals, brownies, muffins, flowers, and flip-flops printed with a picture of the World Trade Towers.

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