End of Semester Eve

I’d forgotten about lousy group members.

Actually, I realized today I’d forgotten to hate group projects for the past year. Of course I always used to hate them, as do most people, I believe, who don’t suck. But group projects are the norm in policy school, and they’re usually a joy. It’s a whole school filled with those people who would always pick up the slack, and volunteer for the hardest job, and give the paper that one last revision, and write the whole damn bibliography after everyone else sort of shuffled it off. It’s not all puppies and rainbows, of course. Sometimes you find yourself sitting around a table with four other people, doing the 15th word-by-word revision of your 60-page semester project and having a debate about semicolon use that’s making you cry a little.

But now that I’m engaged in the final evening of a group project in another school on campus, one that shall remain nameless but starts with Ed and ends with cation, oh do I long for those nit-picking wonks.

I won’t go into details. (That sentence just replaced a lengthy paragraph that involved the words “mewling,” “drivel,” “my ass,” and many capital letters.) Instead, I will simply send a little love-thought out into the world for all the good group members. You know who you are.

4 thoughts on “End of Semester Eve

  1. I totally second the motion on praising the *good* group members out there. Mine, thankfully, were wonderful this year, and i couldn’t have survived without them. Hope you’re doing well, Leslie, and for all of us in aggieland, we say “hello” :)

  2. Remember, like, in middle school, people like you and I would do the entire project for a group of three? This was before they separated out the smart kids and the dumb kids. I guess it was also much easier to pull it off back then.

  3. “drivel” — it’s funny how that word becomes the end-all-be-all insult for people who’ve taken a couple writing classes. is there a worse literary insult?

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