Doesn’t it strike you as odd that Santa dresses in *red*?

Sprinting for the semester finish line. And, while I wait for group members to finish their parts of our final projects, tooling around online. Specifically, taking the Guardian’s Christmas film quiz. (I answered 3 correctly out of 10. Ouch.)

Here’s my favorite Q&A:

Now regarded as an American classic, It’s a Wonderful Life drew fierce criticism when it was released in 1946. Who hated it and why?

Correct answer: The FBI labelled it a “subversive” movie and charged that its use of a nasty, Scrooge-like businessman “was a common trick used by communists”

It’s comforting to remember that there have always been crazy, right-wing goons. Gives me a feeling of continuity, membership in history. And isn’t that what the holiday season’s all about?

One thought on “Doesn’t it strike you as odd that Santa dresses in *red*?

  1. i got an 8/10. ok, it was really a 7 – i never would’ve gotten that FBI question but i couldn’t bring myself to not answer it correctly, once you’d helped me cheat.

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