sous the clean-up crew

Not only does she clean the floor of edible debris discarded by babies, Sous motivates us to clear the dinner table as soon as we leave it. Because if we don’t, she will eat: the leftover food off our plates, the rest of the pizza out of the box, the little cup of grated parmesan, and some cardboard.

Thanks, Sous! :D



When the kids leave for daycare now, the house is empty. If you are not taking them there, you are alone in it. Your own home, quiet, and all to yourself.

Paul’s first day of school

Yesterday was Paul’s first day at UT’s Child Development Center. It went fine because of course it did. Like all parents of a second child, we take things for granted with Paul that were major, fret-worthy milestones in Annie’s life.

For the record, though, here are some features:

  • Paul started the day by ejecting an entire 8-oz bottle of formula onto the floor. Not sick, never happened before, just, I don’t know, swallowed wrong and started puking. Fortunately, the carpet was getting replaced the next day.
  • We all went to school together so Bryan and I could both chat with his teacher, Leah, and see the Bumble Bee classroom. (She’s nice. It’s a crazy heap of baby stuff.)
  • He did great but slept only 45 minutes for each nap, which meant he was delirious with exhaustion at the end of the day. Bryan shuffled him straight out of the car and into bed.

This morning he knew the drill and came apart a little bit when I left him in Leah’s arms, but he reportedly had another good day and slept for over an hour at each nap. And I managed to get both kids in and out of the car without Annie running into traffic. By the end of the week, this will be the new normal.