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The story of my life.

project of the day: closet clean-out

We told ourselves we’d spend these days after Christmas having a luxurious staycation, getting massages and eating fancy food. It seems we have rested enough, however, and brim with project energy. At least we have some fancy dinner reservations.

(another) first day of school

Fifteen years ago this week we woke up in Carothers dormitory and toddled off to our very first college classes. Today Bryan headed back to UT to teach a computer science course as an adjunct professor. So proud of that one. (Under the same “things that make us feel old” heading, file the fact that […]

here and now

I enjoyed this article on travel writing in the NYTimes a few days ago. “If I am skillful enough to capture and hold this moment now, someone reading my words at some distant time and place will feel the same here-and-now-ness that I did back then and there.” In workshops he asks his students to […]

adventures in one-handed living

It’s been not quite a week, and I’m already pretty tired of having only one functional hand. At the same time I am grateful for and taking full advantage of not being in a hard cast. Yesterday I took my little broken wing out onto the back deck to soak in some sunshine, so it […]

broken wrist

Typing one-handed sucks, so I shall tell the story in pictures: (Uploading pictures is one thing I can actually accomplish one-handed, hence our spring albums on gallery have caught up to the present.)


Big day for us here. Our 6th wedding anniversary: And my little jetta hit 100,000 miles. And then I had to pull off the highway and call a service shop because the engine was smoking. The marriage is doing better.

recipe for a craft night

INGREDIENTS Crafty girls, 3-6 Wine, approx 1 bottle per crafty girl Spanish snacks, to taste A few ideas that you can still execute after a bottle of wine A mess of old t-shirts Fabric scissors, 1 pair per crafty girl Healthy willingness to be silly INSTRUCTIONS Prepare snacks in advance. At start time, fold in […]

Debbie was here

And it was awesome.

the brew & brew

I could not be more excited for, and proud of, my friend Matt as he launches into the next, entrepreneurial part of his life. After more than a year of planning and prepping and hustling (the good kind), he, his brother, and another partner have purchased an east-side coffee shop that will become The Brew […]

April 24

Today would have been Matt’s 31st birthday. Here is a memory: We are sitting in the hot tub at my parent’s house, the Second Haynie House. Me, Bryan, Cameron, Matt. It’s one of those hot tubs that’s built into the stone patio, not the freestanding kind. It’s maybe 5 years ago; we’re all in our […]