dog science

Crowd-sourced science tells us something useful:

A surprising link turned up between empathy in dogs and deception. The dogs that are most bonded to their owners turn out to be most likely to observe their owner in order to steal food.

It’s possible that by “useful” I mean “something that makes me feel better about myself.”

Corgi disaster

The end of Harper’s Weekly Review is usually entertaining.

Queen Elizabeth II’s corgis, Holly, Monty, and Willow, and her dorgis, Candy, Cider, and Vulcan, attacked Princess Margaret’s Norfolk terrier Max at Balmoral Castle. “Unfortunately the dog boy lost control,” said a witness. “There was blood everywhere.”

I assume they’ve executed the dog boy.

puppy open house

We feel like we’ve been hosting a party in the backyard that’s spanned three weekends, so all our friends can come meet the puppies and see us (since we are housebound with those puppies). It’s been terrific. Yesterday we had some repeat visitors, who had also seen the pups the very first day we brought them home and could appreciate how enormous they’ve already become.

Thanks for visiting, dear friends.

Johanna and Dan
Johanna and Dan were among our very first visitors.

Merilin, Bryan, Thijs, Laurel
Last weekend a few rounds of folks cycled through the yard. A lovely day.


Andrew, Kalia, Doug, Bryan
Clare took this great shot of three dudes with three puppies.


Sophie, Max, Leslie
Max correctly identified the pups as “woofs.”

The pups may make their facebook debut courtesy of Arielle.


I don’t know how we’re ever going to separate these two.

Although it does sometimes seem like we’re running a little Flowers In The Attic operation over here.