Maybe the only thing worse than hearing your baby scream in pain is realizing that you caused it. In the last two months I have inflicted the following on Annie:

  • dropping a phone on her head while she nursed,
  • burning her knee against a hot pipe during a bath, and
  • catching her tender baby skin in a zipper.

The last one just this morning. So awful, such screaming, wow. Yes, your stories about accidentally hurting your children will help me feel better.

hands on

Annie’s getting very handsy these days. One of the books I read (maybe Leach) encourages you to let your baby touch your face as she begins to connect sight and touch, which sounds very sweet. You imagine your baby tenderly exploring your face with her fingertips, her eyes lit with wonder and love.

Bring that face in range, I dare you.

Bring that face in range.

What this actually entails, of course, is your baby taking random jabs at very close range, bouncing her fists off your nose, hooking a finger in your mouth, scraping her talons across your cheek, as you reflexively flinch and pray she doesn’t scratch a cornea. But her expression, I will venture to say, IS lit with wonder and love.


diapering: addendum

In case the gripping post on diapering made you curious about carbon offsets, we did indeed proceed to buy some. Here’s a quick overview. An important thing to look for if you’re purchasing them is for a credible certification that the projects they support are delivering what they promise and would not have happened otherwise. Green-e seems to be the most common and well-regarded. I used one of several good calculators to figure our transportation emissions and bought offsets for 2 tons/month from Terrapass, for about $12/month. Like most offsets, the majority of the projects they support capture methane—a really bad emission—from landfills and burn it off as CO₂—a not-quite-as-bad emission. Still worse than not polluting in the first place, but at least does some quantifiable good. I also went into our Austin Energy account and switched us to their Green Choice program, which charges an extra .75 cents/kWh (about $5-10/month for us) to supply our electricity from 100% wind sources. This program has been around forever, and I’m a little embarrassed we weren’t already signed up.



I love this shot of Annie with Rosie, Uncle Jeff, and Max kissing her knee. At first I wasn’t crazy about the backdrop, but now I like that if you look closely you can mentally add the soundtrack to the scene.

This and more up in our California album.