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I estimate I have about one more week of being able to tie my shoes. Already I have to expel all the air from my lungs just to bend over so far, which means that shoe-tying, like so much else these days, leaves me out of breath.

Now, shoes tied, it’s off to the doc for a pelvic exam! So magical, pregnancy!

the waddle:

I think I’ve diagnosed it. It’s 2 parts back pain, which demands butt muscles work hard to keep everything in place, and 1 part clenching up everything else down there due to the perpetual need to pee. On the up-side, my pelvic floor tone must be excellent.

grape with child

As I rubbed grapefruit-scented lotion on my giant pink belly the other day, I felt like a perfect incarnation of the fruit.

At 25 weeks/6 months, I felt Hollywood pregnant, sporting a cute round belly alive with kicks. At 31 weeks/7.5, I feel just about as pregnant as anyone needs to be, awkward, large, and incapable of staying comfortable in a chair for more than an hour. I view the next two months with trepidation.

4 pillows and counting

My comfort requirements are growing near-daily. To get a reasonable night’s sleep now without strange cramps and pulls requires no fewer than 4 pillows surrounding me and a folded blanket for lower-profile belly support. I suspect Bryan still sleeps in the bed with me at night, but I can’t be 100% sure.

note to ladies

Turns out that whatever lackadaisical fitness or beauty routine you have becomes, at 7-months pregnant, a REMARKABLE TRIUMPH. I have never in my life had so many people tell me how good I look. (I endeavor to ignore any tone of surprise.) I may have to procure a fake-belly cushion to wear forever.

mover and shaker

I’m propped on pillows with my laptop resting on my convenient belly, browsing the internet, and watching the computer tip back and forth with subterranean baby movements. I never imagined she’d be such a presence in the world while still in utero. The other night Sous went on an urgent barking spree, and she woke up in response and started thrashing around. Ready to be a partner in crime, apparently.


I purchased a hideous used glider and have makeover plans. Fun to have a baby-themed furniture project, even if I have to ask Bryan for help every time I need to move it.


2014 in photos

Another important holiday project has been updating our neglected photo collection. Bryan has been working heroically on migrating all the overt galleries (boy, there are a lot) to a new…I don’t know, platform or something, and I’ve tried to do my bit by sorting through all our photos and creating albums for major events and normal life from 2014. I may have the more fun end of the bargain. New albums include:

- our trip to Colorado and California, including this year’s Utica camping trip, in August
- Labor Day weekend at the Boone Ranch with family and friends
- photos from a year of Board and community events with Austin Creative Reuse
- a pregnancy-themed collection of ultrasound photos and growing-belly shots
- Thanksgiving photos from our Klingner-Hall holiday, lifted heavily from Rich’s collection
- a catch-all collection of our day-to-day lives, visitors, and smaller events, including a number of nested albums
- Christmas photos from our jamon party and gathering at the Hall Ranch

I’ve also added photos to our existing albums from Italy (Cameron’s collection) and the Memorial Day Pig Roast (mine), and created a meat-space scrapbook from our Indonesia/Australia trip, which amazingly was only a year ago. It feels good to be caught up with documentation in this before-time, so we can remember what our lives were like before we plowed everything into making a new one.

project of the day: closet clean-out

We told ourselves we’d spend these days after Christmas having a luxurious staycation, getting massages and eating fancy food. It seems we have rested enough, however, and brim with project energy.

At least we have some fancy dinner reservations.

Sous’ christmas