new photos

Bryan’s done hero’s work this holiday season, combing through our photo collection from the last few months and getting them up on gallery. Here’s our New York trip, and a catch-all album from the summer and fall, which oddly enough begins with a bunch of baby photos of the two of us, and features not-one-but-TWO shots of me holding Annie while she reaches for my giant beer. I am such a good mother.

first cathedral

st pats

First church of any kind, actually. Poor little unbaptized soul.

This girl in her cat hat and mittens MELTED HEARTS in the streets of Manhattan yesterday. Bryan said he enjoyed walking a few paces behind us and watching faces light up as they spotted her. (I couldn’t really appreciate it as much wearing her because, if I’d tried to watch people’s reactions, they might have accidentally made eye contact with me and had to put their dour faces back on in a hurry.) Still, it was like traveling in a little magical force field. Bundle of joy indeed.

teddy bear

Annie’s cold weather wear tests even the surliest New Yorker’s ability not to smile at strangers.


One day she may be horrified to discover this is what she wore for her New York debut.