Bryan and I discussed it a few days ago and decided that giving our first child her mother’s last name is philosophically akin to his wearing the occasional skirt and dying his hair blue in high school: it doesn’t violate the letter of any law but challenges an irrational social convention. And also happens to piss off exactly the people we want to piss off, i.e. no one we know personally but some imaginary, narrow-minded, WASP asshole.

It was pretty fun to discover that we’re still rebels. Quiet ones.



I feel like we’ve been short on Annie videos lately, am I right? So here she is trying very hard to blow a raspberry. She still hasn’t gotten it down, but it’s not for lack of trying.

foods Annie has tried

In the order of introduction:

  • a pickled green bean
  • an olive
  • roasted broccoli
  • a Cheez-it
  • bresaola
  • bacon
  • egg
  • caramel ice cream
  • hamburger
  • berries (frozen, pureed)

It’s not clear she’s ingested any of these, but she’s given them a good gnaw at least. Or in the case of the berries, smeared them all over her face and clothes. The broccoli stands as her favorite.

UPDATE: Green onion.