married and whatnot

Well hello there! Apologies for the fairly long absence, but if you’re reading this you were probably invited to the wedding, so you already know where I’ve been. Which is great because I definitely don’t have the energy to crank out some enormous post about the last two weeks. Suffice to say, I graduated,


did some manic last-minute wedding preparations,

wedding prep

and got married.

wedding ceremony

(Oh yeah, and went to Bay to Breakers, with Mom and Dad.)

M&D at BtoB

The pictures from graduation and Bay to Breakers are online. I’m still in the process of stealing wedding photos from my friends as they post them.

Now we’re taking our apartment apart and putting it back together before we leave for Germany in a week. There’s something very satisfying about reorganizing and rethinking all the makeshift solutions that we’ve come up with over the last two years. Today we did the kitchen. As Bryan said, no one will appreciate our brilliance, but we’re fairly convinced that we have the most functional and beautiful kitchen in the apartment building, and possibly the world.

We’re also married, which frankly rocks.

4 thoughts on “married and whatnot

  1. congratulations! the pictures are beautiful. striking! looking at the photos of you and bryan, i keep thinking about a line in a love poem by jeffrey mcdaniel.. something like “your eyes are so green, one of your parents must be part traffic light.”

    of course, interchange blue with green… you get the picture.

    anyway, congrats!

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